“Oops, I Plagiarized”

UCLA has an academic integrity site with a student-friendly face.  It offers five easy-to-read units on intellectual property (answering questions about the student as producer as well as consumer), file sharing, documentation, time management, and cheating.

The unit on citing and documenting sources, “Oops, I Plagiarized,” walks students through the reasons behind citation, in text vs. end citation, quoting/summarizing/paraphrasing (with examples), suggestions for keeping notes straight, and different citation styles.  At the end students can take a simple quiz and e-mail the result to anyone–including a Marymount professor!  I guesstimate that this online unit might take a student about 20 minutes to complete.

MU has its own required academic integrity tutorial, assigned in EN 101–but you might consider UCLA’s as a refresher: http://unitproj.library.ucla.edu/col/bruinsuccess/03/01.cfm