Bring Back the Chautauqua

An interesting and interested MU graduate business student, Najwa Saad, has launched a monthly salon featuring a talk by a distinguished visitor and a catered meal for $35.

Georgetown government professor Patrick Deneen spoke to the group this month about de Toqueville and wrote this reflection piece for the Georgetown student newspaper.

Librarian Marcia Dursi says, ” I have attended several of Najwa’s salons. How she manages to get  such high caliber people I don’t know, but the salons are fantastic.”

I offered to post the salon schedule for Najwa:

Chez Nous Reston Salon


May 25th

“Cultural Quest: Modern Dance in China”

Alison Friedman, Beijing Modern Dance Co.

June 23rd

“Place making and the Power of Public Art”

Meridith McKinley, Via Partners

July 21st

“The Supreme Court and Campaign Finance”

Melanie Reed. Attorney Covington & Burling

August 18th

Beyond the Lens: A Photographer’s Journey”

Bruce Dale, National Geographic(i)

September 22nd

“Cultural Capitals: Envisioning the Future”

Martin Moeller, Sr. Vice President & Curator

The National Building Museum


“Art in Embassies: Showcasing American Art”

Virginia Shore, U.S. Department of State


“The Second White House & Lincoln’s Music”

Elizabeth Brownstein, Author


January 19th

“Cultural Diplomacy and the Islamic World”

Cynthia Schneider, Director, Arts & Cultural Section of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution; Professor, Former American Ambassador: Netherlands

February 20th

“The Future of Reporting in America”

SUNDAY Donna Leinwand, President, National Press Club (I) Reporter, USA Today

March 23rd

“Living Consciously”

Cynthia Way, Professional Executive Coach

(i) invited, all others confirmed


Past Programs


March 25th “Psychoneuroimmunology’

February 25th “A Violin and Piano Recital”

January 26th “Classical Swordsmanship”


November 18th “Listen Up Mr. President”  (Helen Thomas)

October 21st “Washington: City of Trees”

September 23rd “Update on the Universe—Really!”

August 19th “Coral Reefs: The Ocean’s Canary …”

July 22nd “Sound & Space: Music & Architecture”

June 30th “Exploring Indian Art  and Architecture”

May 20th “The $217 Billion Dollar Bee”

April 22nd “New Horizons In the Transit Future”

March 25th “DaVinci to PC: Anatomical Illustration”

February 25th “The Art & Science of Making Up Your Mind”

January 28th “My Walk from Paris to Berlin”


November 20th “Story of a Painting: A Conservator’s tale”

October 30th “The Power of Wind”

September 18th “The Other Angle: Titanic and Leadership”

August 20th “An Epicurean Evening” & Wine Tasting

July 29th “Black Gold and Fair Trade Coffee”

June 25th “A Conversation on Global Affairs

May 15th “The Mathematics of Beauty”

Speakers, all of whom  are experts in their fields, have included a leading art conservator, an art professor, the Chief of a NASA laboratory, a renowned expert in decision science, an ethicist, a distinguished mathematician, a medical illustrator, a pianist, a chef, an actor, an apiarist, A Multilateral negotiator on coral reefs, a classical swordsman, musicians and more…..

For more information about the Chez Nous Reston salon, contact: or Najwa Saad at 571-235-3556

Chez Nous Reston Salon

Thoughtful Entertainment®

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