RSS Instructions without Video

Some folks asked for a non-video explanation of how to get an RSS feed, so here it is:
How to use RSS to get The Chocolate Box (or other web content)

First, you need a reader. These are free programs that are also called “aggregators”. Once you have one, you can subscribe to news services, blogs, etc. and the new content will be delivered to your desktop. No more remembering to check someone’s blog or your favorite news outlet.

The one I know best is  Google Reader.   However, if you use Yahoo, they have a reader that integrates into myYahoo and there are many other readers. I like web-based readers like Google and Yahoo because they can be accessed from any computer that has web access. Some readers sit on your desktop, so you would need to download them on all computers you use. Firefox has a feature called Live Bookmarks that collects just title information – you can then click on titles of interest. Most of the popular blogs seem to feed right into either Google or Yahoo.

Once you have the reader, then subscribing is easy. Just click the RSS icon (it’s usually orange but sometimes black and looks like this:

RSS icon

RSS icon

Sometimes the icon is in the address line of the webpage, other times it is on the page itself. Once you click it, you will be asked for subscription information or you’ll see an icon for Google or myYahoo. Click whatever is appropriate and enjoy.

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