Hello MU!

Instead of publishing our usual newsletter, the CTE and DISCOVER programs have decided to enter the world of blogging.  We will be posting news, updates, links and items of interest here regularly.   We also hope you will comment on what we post, to generate some real dialogue on what we are all trying to accomplish here.

You can visit us either by going to our web address: https://muteaches.wordpress.com OR you can take this moment to learn about RSS and have each post delivered to your computer with absolutely no effort on your part!  For a very quick visual tutorial on how to set up an RSS feed go to YouTube to view “RSS in Plain English” by Commoncraft.

You may be wondering about the name.  I didn’t want to call it something boring like “CTE News” or “DISCOVER teaching” and one of my favorite names for a teaching blog is Artichoke (because it “looks at the heart, leaves and thistles of teaching and learning”).  So, I picked Chocolate Box.  I’ll be giving you some of the reasons I think teaching is like a box of chocolates as we go on, and maybe you will suggest some too.

I hope you’ll join us on this technology adventure!


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